Caravan America 1967 -- Overnight Camps
Night of Camp at
6/3/67 Bull Run Regional Park, VA
6/4/67 ditto
6/5/67 ditto
6/6/67 Gettysburg National Military Park and Cemetery, PA
6/7/67 Funderson State Park, OH
6/8/67 East Harbor State Park, OH
6/9/67 Indiana Dunes State Park, IN
6/10/67 Goose Island County Park, WI
6/11/67 Newton Hills State Park, SD
6/12/67 Rosebud Indian Reservation, SD
6/13/67 Sheridan Lake, Black Hills National Forest, SD
6/14/67 Prune Creek Campground, Bighorn National Forest, WY
6/15/67 Clearwater Picnic Ground, Shoshone National Forest, WY
6/16/67 Huckleberry Hot Springs, WY (diverted from Teton National Forest site, which was waterlogged)
6/17/67 ditto
6/18/67 ditto
6/19/67 ditto
6/20/67 Navajo Indian School, Brigham City, UT
6/21/67 National Trailer Court, Salt Lake City, UT
6/22/67 Bryce Canyon National Park, UT
6/23/67 Jacobs Lake, Kaibab National Forest, AZ
6/24/67 ditto
6/25/67 Zion National Park, UT
6/26/67 Boulder Beach Campgrounds, Lake Mead Recreation Area, NV
6/27/67 Trailerland Park, Anaheim, CA
6/28/67 ditto
6/29/67 Kearney Park, Fresno, CA
6/30/67 Camp #7, Yosemite National Park, CA
7/1/67 ditto
7/2/67 Airport, Santa Rosa, CA (closed for WBCCI International rally - Airstream owners)
7/3/67 ditto

Presentation compiled by
Duncan S. Campbell