Sponsored by the Wally Byam Foundation, twenty British families crossed the U.S.A. from Washington DC to San Francisco.

"Caravan America" was a US exercise in international goodwill, directed at "caravanners" from other countries. A series of groups came to the US, where they met with American counterparts and participated in a month-long cross-country rally.

Tow-cars were loaned by General Motors Corporation, and Airsteam trailers ("caravans" in British usage) were loaned by the Wally Byam Foundation (conceived by the founder of the Airstream company).

Douglas and Kathleen Campbell were members of the first contingent of twenty families (British), and were one of only two Scottish couples - both menfolk wore the kilt during the rally. The British caravanners flew together to Washington DC, then drove to the West Coast. On arrival in California at the close of the rally, the vehicles were turned over to French caravanners who travelled back to the East Coast.

Presentation compiled by
Duncan S. Campbell