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Scottish stereotypes in cartoon format (1935)


New South Scotland

The "Glasgow Herald" suggests that Scotland should adopt a territory its own size in Western Australia and develop the industries in which she is most efficient. 

Australian cartoonist Jack Quayle gives his own rendition of this news. Buildings in the fenced yard include: The Impregnable Purse Coy, The McSporran Haggis Coy, Mr. Screech’s Bagpipe Factory (Whee–e–e), McPorridge’s Oatmeal Coy, McCorks Distillery, The Sporran Coy, Mc. Spots Distillery and Mc. Whisky’s Distillery. Two kilted Highlander guards are loafing at the gate. Inside there is much activity, with puffing of smoke and some drunkenness. Puzzled kangaroo and Aborigine look on from the outside.

Source: “The Daily News” (Perth, WA), 21 January 1935
Accessed on: Trove Newspaper Archive