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Travels of an inquisitive newspaper reporter (1833-1836)

Journalists live in the present, reporting events, reflecting public opinion and helping to shape it; but, they have been accustomed to see their words rapidly lost, in the abyss of perishable newsprint.

James Brooks (1807-1873) wrote for his home-town newspaper, the Portland Advertiser (Maine). In his case, we have been fortunate in re-assembling three complete sequences of his work, written between 1833 and 1836. His innovative format (a travel journal) was a commercial success, and provided ample opportunities to express his opinions on society, government and the human condition.

A Pioneer Political Journalist PDF

Southern USA (1833)
The Slave States PDF
Maritime Provinces, Canada (1834)
New Brunswick + Nova Scotia PDF
Western Europe (1835-1836)
1. British Isles PDF
2. Rhine to Rhone PDF
3. Classic Italy PDF
4. Homeward Bound PDF
Excursion to Bangor (1833, report) PDF  
Our Own Country (1835, essay) PDF